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K9 Fertility Services

At Wilson’s K9 Services I pride myself in offering a professional one to one personal service to all of my clients. I am able to offer over 20 years breeding experience; this sets the foundation to my knowledge; qualifications and genuine passion for my work.

The services I offer will support you and your canine friends from ovulation right through to microchipping, and I will be here every step of the way… One of the benefits of using my service is that everything is carried out in the comfort of your pet’s home, reducing any potential anxieties that may be caused in travelling, especially if your girl is in pup.

Services I offer include Cytology (Ovulation Analysis); Semen Analysis; Semen Shipping; Artificial Insemination; Ultrasound Pregnancy Confirmation (to include estimated fetal count and estimated due date); microchipping and an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience.

Services We Offer


Canine cytology service

The Cytology service that I offer is an alternative to progesterone and is equally as effective. Progesterone testing requires blood to be drawn from your pet’s vein, and therefore, only a registered veterinarian or veterinary nurse (under the direct supervision of a vet) is legally permitted to do this.

Pregnancy Scanning

Ultrasound is a safe and effective way to confirm pregnancy. Scans generally take place between 4 and 5 weeks into gestation. Scanning at this time allows for a more accurate count of the fetal sacs (Fetal numbers will be discussed, however definitive birth numbers cannot be guaranteed. Fetal sac measurements are also taken at this time, which allows me to provide an estimated due date.

I also offer scanning after the 5-week period. While fetal counts are less accurate due to growth and overlapping, it is always reassuring for breeders to see heartbeats and bone calcification. Also, skull measurements can be taken, which allows me to provide an estimated due date. This is useful when accidental matings have occurred.  

Stud Dog Services

On occasions when bitches don’t become pregnant, we are always looking for answers. You might hear comments such as we were too early/too late, the bitch is overweight, or “it was the male”… Through having your boys’ semen analysed for concentration and motility, you can feel confident in your boy’s fertile health and ability.

A video of your stud’s semen and a Certificate will be provided to evidence the concentration and motility of the semen.

I have many customers whose stud dogs work through my mobile service. Please contact me to discuss offering a stud service or to enquire about potential studs.  

Semen Analysis

Semen is collected from your stud boy using sterile gloves and a disposable collection sheath. A sample of the semen is analysed on a microscope slide under a microscope. The semen is analysed for motility and is graded. The four grades are Poor; Fair; Good and Very Good. If the analysis outcome is below good, advice can be provided with a view to possibly increasing your dogs’ semen concentration and motility. It may be that your dog has an infection, in which case this will be identified, and a veterinary referral will be advised.

A certificate with the motility grade is provided along with microscopic video evidence.

Artificial Insemination

The Artificial Insemination (AI) service I offer involves extracting semen from your stud and inseminating into the bitch. Clinical; sterile disposable equipment is used for this process. Semen analysis and cytology can be offered in conjunction with the AI to allow optimum chance of pregnancy.

Semen Waking and Baking

Semen can be collected and chilled for up to 10 days. Once woken in can be inseminated within the 10-day period. Motility is analysed prior to insemination to ensure motility has been maintained.

K9 Semen postal service

Semen Shipping

Semen can be collected, chilled and shipped within a 7-day period. A small amount is woken and analysed to ensure motility has been maintained prior to shipping.

Recent Google Reviews

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Paul was very Reliable and helpful Always asking me if it was a good time & after my pug was pregnant I send him photos & keep In touch now & I will be using him again I was so impressed.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Avril Thomas

Paul visited our home to scan our beautiful girl, he was so good with her and when we found out she was carrying a singleton pup he was amazing right the way through her pregnancy with advice and support. He has recently been to microchip our little man and again very reliable and professional, Excellent service.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Claire Bevan

Very good experience as it was my first time mating my dog he reassured me and made me feel at ease!! He was always at other end of the phone for advice when I needed it. Would definitely recommend and would use this service again ??

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Daniel Mason

Frequently Asked Questions

How far after mating can you scan?

Scans take place 4 weeks after the last mating. Scanning between 4-5 weeks allows for a more accurate count of the fetal sacs. After the 5 week mark the sacs are much larger and they start to overlap, making it difficult to count them.

Can you tell me how many puppies/kittens she is having?

Scanning between 4-5 weeks allows for a more accurate count of the fetal sacs. After the 5 week mark the sacs are much larger and they start to overlap, making it difficult to count them. Definitive numbers cannot be given with ultrasound, however fetal numbers will be discussed and an estimated count given.

Can you tell me when she is due?

Whilst scanning, I take a fetal sack or fetal skull measurement in order to establish the ovulation day of your girl. I am then able to give you an estimated due date.

Can I take photos of the scan?

This won’t be necessary as I provide a scan video and photos which are uploaded from the machine, so the quality is far better. These are sent to your WhatsApp or messenger after the scan.

How old do puppies and kittens need to be before they are microchipped?

Puppies and kittens can be microchipped from 6 weeks of age.

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